3 things to help you thrive in extreme situations

Last week I had the pleasure of talking about Extreme with the lovely Ajaz Ahmed and his colleagues at AKQA London. It was a really enjoyable gig and I’m very grateful to Richard Kilgarriff and Izzy at Bookomi for setting it up.

Bookomi followed up with a ‘3 Things’ feature about Extreme. Here’s an extract – click through for the whole piece.

How is it that some people can endure weeks of gruelling trekking across the Antarctic wasteland, surviving only to go back and repeat the ordeal again? What goes through a climber’s mind as he clings rope-free onto a rock face with just his fingertips to keep him from freefall? …

Behavioural scientists Emma Barrett and Paul Martin have, for the first time, brought together the latest scientific research with the true accounts of extraordinary individuals to create a fascinating account of this ultimate echelon of human behaviour. From Extreme: Why Some People Thrive At The Limits, here are 3 Things that have been the difference between life and death for these thrill-seeking types – but that can be hugely useful in helping us perform in everyday contexts as well…

Read more on the Bookomi site.

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