Talking Extreme: Some speaking engagements this Spring

I’ve neglected this blog somewhat over the last few weeks as I’ve been busy participating in various publicity activities for Extreme, including preparing for talks at a number of events this spring. Last week was the first – a talk and Q&A at the Words By the Water literary festival in Keswick, in the heart of the UK’s Read more about Talking Extreme: Some speaking engagements this Spring[…]

An interview in The New Republic

My last few weeks have involved fielding numerous requests for articles and interviews, following up UK publication last week and in anticipation of the US publication of Extreme in a few days. Here’s one of the interviews, with Alice Robb of The New Republic. Her article appeared a couple of days ago. Here’s the start – click through for the Read more about An interview in The New Republic[…]

3 things to help you thrive in extreme situations

Last week I had the pleasure of talking about Extreme with the lovely Ajaz Ahmed and his colleagues at AKQA London. It was a really enjoyable gig and I’m very grateful to Richard Kilgarriff and Izzy at Bookomi for setting it up. Bookomi followed up with a ‘3 Things’ feature about Extreme. Here’s an extract – click Read more about 3 things to help you thrive in extreme situations[…]

What I’ve been reading

Here’s what’s caught my eye over the last few days – all relevant to research and stories we discuss in Extreme. Introduction to astronaut bioethics: Patrick Lin and Keith Abney from Cal Poly’s Ethics and Emerging Sciences Group provide a thought-provoking guide to the ethical and legal pitfalls we might face in long distance, long duration space Read more about What I’ve been reading[…]