February 16, 2014


Adventurers now routinely blog their expeditions. These blogs give a powerful sense of the hardships and exhilaration of extreme activities. Most adventurers return safely (more or less) from their adventures, but sadly some do not. Often their blogs remain online as a tribute to their lives.

Here are some examples.

[Complete] Sara Outen  is attempting to ‘loop the planet’ using human power. She has been kayaking, cycling, and rowing since 2011.

[Complete] Explorer Levison Wood is Walking the Nile. All 4250 miles. No one has ever done this before. Updates from the epic expedition are available on Facebook, Twitter, and a Channel 4 microsite.

[Complete] In 2013-14 The Scott Expedition recreated Captain Scott’s famous last journey to and from the South Pole – equivalent to walking from Paris to Moscow, in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. The blog is brilliant – vivid, shocking, funny, and poignant.

[Complete] Joël Wischnewski’s blog of his expedition on Nanga Parbat during the winter of 2013 is poignant for a different reason. Joel’s last message was posted on 6 Feburary 2013. His body was found seven months later and now rests at the foot of the mountain.

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