Publication day!

Book coverExtreme is officially published today! Paul and I first started talking about writing a book together back in 2010 and settled quite quickly on extreme environments as our topic.

It’s been  a great experience. We’ve read so many fabulous stories and burrowed into truly fascinating research. There was so much good stuff to share that we struggled to distil everything down to just 80,000 words – the book could easily have been twice as long – but distil it we did. I hope people get as much pleasure reading it as we got from writing it.

OUP publicity and PR have kept us busy, with talks, interviews, and articles. I’ll post more as it all happens.

Meanwhile, this link will take you to the Amazon page for Extreme: Why some people thrive at the limits.  The US publication date is late November. There’s an e-book version if you want something cheaper than the hardback (though the hardback does look rather lovely). Sadly you’ll have to wait a year for the paperback.

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