November 19, 2011

Recommended reading

We read many wonderful books as part of our research for Extreme.  Many were excellent overviews of specific topics that were relevant to the psychology of extreme environments. We list some of these below and on linked pages. However, one of the most enjoyable parts of the research for Extreme was reading so many accounts of individuals who ventured into extreme environments. They were full of examples of emotions, events, and situations that exemplify many of the themes of our books, although when it came to citing them we were restricted to just a few snippets. Deciding what to leave out was a painful but necessary part of the process.

The following pages summarise the works we drew on (plus a few others) and give some ideas for further reading. You can buy all the books we mention via the Extreme Bookshelf Amazon store*.

General overviews


Bold Endeavors by Jack Stuster

Although dated, Dr Stuster’s book remains one of the best overviews of the stressors encountered in extreme environments. Amazon links:

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