Talking Extreme: Some speaking engagements this Spring

I’ve neglected this blog somewhat over the last few weeks as I’ve been busy participating in various publicity activities for Extreme, including preparing for talks at a number of events this spring.

Last week was the first – a talk and Q&A at the Words By the Water literary festival in Keswick, in the heart of the UK’s stunning Lake District.  I really enjoyed the questions from the Keswick audience – which included discussions of missions to Mars, the effects of trauma, how to survive if you find yourself unexpectedly in an extreme situation, and how to build resilience and self-confidence in young people through adventure activities.

Tomorrow (Saturday 13 March) Paul and I will be appearing at FutureFest in a panel discussion with Brendan Walker  and Adrian Cheok. We’ll be discussing the future of extreme thrills – which should be fascinating. I think I may find myself forced to adopt the Luddite position – neuro thrill rides sound fun and fascinating but I don’t think they can compete with mountains, Poles, or oceans… I’m one of the keynotes on Sunday too where I’ll explain the nature of thrills in extreme environments (spoiler: they aren’t usually adrenaline thrills), and why we don’t have to be superhuman to experience them.

Next month we are lined up to talk at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, in a session with the amazing explorer, author and scientist Tim Jarvis. I can’t wait!

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